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BlueWater Reef

Yellow Fiji Leather

Yellow Fiji Leather

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The Yellow Fiji Leather is a coral that comes in a striking yellow to gold color. It's not dyed, which is cool. This coral is a bit tricky to keep because it needs a lot of flow and a lot of light. But if you give it the right environment, it will thrive. Also, when you first put it in the tank, it will inflate to two-thirds larger than its original size, so make sure you give it enough space. Sarcophyton Leather Corals are sensitive to poor water quality and stress. They react by not opening up and growing a waxy, shiny layer over their polyps. They also do this to shed their old skin or get rid of dirt buildup. Once they've adjusted, they'll shed the covering and open their polyps. Just be careful that the membrane doesn't get tangled on other corals because it can damage or stress them. Good water flow will help prevent this.

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